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pdficon.GIF (191 bytes)POSTER 8 - Make BIG Posters, Banners, Signs, and Photo Murals with ANY printer. ZDNet 5-star
Try it for Free (10-poster free trial): =>Download Free Trial Now [Poster 8.7]       => Purchase an Unlimited License - just $18.     
Need to make some super banners, signs, or photo murals? POSTER is simple enough that you can build a banner or poster in a minute, but powerful enough that you can create virtually anything you can imagine.
  • Create and print posters, banners, and murals at sizes up to 100x100 feet.
  • Use your normal desktop printer and automatically tile over multiple sheets, or use a large-format printer.
  • Create PDF files that you can print at Costco or any commercial printer.
  • Full support for all fonts, with over 100 special effects such as soft-shadow and 3D.
  • Rotate, Stretch, and Warp text to any shape.
  • Import, Enlarge, and Edit your photos, including jpeg, gif, and tiff files and pictures from your camera, scanner, or any picture source.
  • A full set of drawing tools lets you create any graphics you can imagine.
  • Includes Tutorials, Wizards, Samples, and full on-line help.
  • More...

What our customers say:
"I just want to let you know how much fun I am having with your product. Last April our Boy Scout Troop was planning an American Flag Swap (people could bring flags that needed to be retired and could purchase a new flag). We needed to publicize this. I tried different poster programs and it made me hate software and printers even more than I do at times. Then I found your program, I downloaded the trial version one two three I had a great poster and it printed out QUICKLY, unlike the other programs. So I was happy.
Then I was blessed with a new office for my business, besides being on a main street with a large front window, it also has a good sized side window that oncoming traffic cannot miss seeing. Since July, I have changed the sign in the window 4 times, the first played on the fact that I am in an area surrounded by antique stores: "Does your body feel like an antique? Come in today for restoration!" The latest announces that Holiday Gift Certificates are available, along with my phone number and web info. - I change the paper color as I change the message. Months of adds in the local paper could not give me better publicity than I get with my posters! Thanks for making such a great and easy to use product. ! "
Sue Daigle, Lic. Massage Therapist 11/03.

pdficon.GIF (191 bytes)PUBLISH-iT  3 - Make great newsletters, brochures, ads, business cards, greeting cards, catalogs, reports, flyers -- virtually any publication. ZDNet 5-star
     Publish-iT PRO will generate PDF files so you can email or post on your web site your newsletters, brochures, etc.
Try it Free for 21 days: =>Download Free Trial Now [Publish-iT 3.7]       => Purchase an Unlimited License - just $24, $35 with PDF support.
Publish-iT PUBLISH-iT is our flexible and easy-to-use desktop publishing package that will have you creating professional-looking newsletters and brochures in minutes.
  • A powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use desktop publishing package.
  • Great for creating newsletters, announcements, flyers, ads, brochures, catalogs, reports.
  • Also creates business cards, greeting cards, and almost any custom size and format.
  • Powerful visual page formatting.
  • Support for multiple styles, advanced paragraph formatting, automatic hyphenation, automatic text flow to continuation pages and blocks.
  • Handles multiple pages, multiple layouts, multiple master pages and page templates.
  • Includes a full set of drawing and photo-editing tools
  • Publish-iT PRO generates PDF files that you can email, distribute, or post on your web site.
  • Includes a tutorial, extensive on-line help, templates, and examples. More...

The amazing price of only $24 gives you incredible power and capability for less than the cost of a good meal. OR for only $36 you can purchase the PRO version (Publish-iT users can upgrade to Publish-iT PRO for only $16).
Why pay $120 for Microsoft Publisher when Publish-iT will do it for $24?

WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY: "The Publish-it program is remarkable, very easy to learn, to move about within a document is like using a knife fork and spoon, everything just glides along, the many options, font styling, the selected item move-around-ability, is just simply amazing, this program should satisfy the novice and greatly impress the expert. Once I had the basic idea on how things worked, (in no time) I was just zipping around inside each document and felt as if I had been using it for years." Shirleen G. 1/27/04. Sure, you may find some programs that may provide a simple template but PUBLISH-IT software has it all.  My hats off to the developers of this program, starting with the amount of options available to create a first class newsletter down to the impeccable on-line technical support".  John Dunlapp. 9/00. "I evaluated about 4 other DTP programmes, but I liked the trial Publish-It because it felt intuitive to me". J Davis, Ontario, 6/01. "I have been using Publish It for about 6 months in my small business. I design ad copy for my advertising (camera ready results saving on art and set up fees), I also use it as a word processor. I have had tremendous results and its fairly easy to use. After trying several other programs I decided that Publish It was easier to use and had less issues. I'm glad I did and I recommend it to anyone wanting an easy to use DTP program that gets great professional results." Brian Anderson,Bossier City, LA 5/03. "Is it really possible to get a quality desktop-publishing program in a file that's under 1MB to download? Yep, and its name is Publish-iT. This lean but still very capable DTP app enables you to create newsletters, brochures, advertisements, and other publications with ease. Before you shell out big bucks for a commercial DTP app such as Microsoft Publisher, you owe it to yourself to take Publish-iT for a 21-day test flight first." ZD Net Review. 11/00. "I have been using PublishIt for a couple of days now and I want to tell you I am so impressed with it. I once produced a monthly newsletter and I used MS Publisher. I now have an iMac and it has QuarkExpress. Your PublishIt is as good as either of the two. I am so impressed with some of the features like master pages and the ability to move objects with the arrow key." Richard Gideon. 11/06.

pdficon.GIF (191 bytes)DRAW-iT 3.4 - Create graphics, drawings, and illustrations. ZDNet 5-star
warp2.gif (1816 bytes) Try it free for 14 days: =>Download Free Trial Now (Drawit 3.3)       =>Purchase an Unlimited License - just $18..
DRAW-iT has Everything you need to create graphics, illustrations, and clip-art.  A powerful vector-graphics drawing package that includes a full set of drawing tools, and lets you warp and stretch text to any shape and size. Get the power of expensive drawing packages for only $18. Free 14-day trial.
"I am amazed at what a good program it is.   I am a Corel Draw user and your software has stunned me! Excellent value and easy to use", Jane Bradshaw, UK, 6/00.    "I use DRAW-iT to create buttons and art for my web site.  It gives me everything I want, and it's far easier to use than other packages I've tried.  At only $16, it's also a pretty great deal." Bob Howard, 2/00. "DRAW-iT not only works great, it has a lot of features that you only find in high-priced graphic programs.  And the price is right." Mark Trimm. 9/00.   "I thank you again for the assist with DRAWIT and for the upgrade. Your service matches the excellence of your product. I work for a weekly newspaper... In the month since I've been using DRAWIT I have produced about a dozen ads of various sizes with the program and I have to tell you that the response has been incredible. The text special effects is incredible, far surpassing Adobe Pagemaker, Serif PagePlus, and MS Publisher.. I love it. Clients love it. And, I am spreading the word. Keep up the good work". jc. 3/01. Thank you so much for replying so quickly and helpfully! I am really impressed with your support, even offering to look at the file for me. I'd like you to know your help made up my mind for me, and I'm going to buy DrawIt today. Jackie Reynolds. 3/02.

pdficon.GIF (191 bytes)PRESENT-iT 2.0- Create powerful and effective presentations.ZDNet 5-star
slide.gif (7996 bytes)=>Free download of latest release: 2.0 (11/16/2015)
Making a presentation?. PRESENT-iT is a powerful presentation builder that comes with the features usually expected in much more expensive software. Whether you're presenting at a conference or conducting a meeting, the PRESENT-iT program lets you easily organize, illustrate, and deliver your ideas professionally.  Why pay $100 for Powerpoint or Freelance, when PRESENT-iT gives you everything you need to succeed - for a shareware price of only $20 - and you even get the ability to print your slides as large 5-foot posters.
"I had to do a presentation at work, but I also wanted to blow up some of the slides and hang them on the wall.  Powerpoint couldn't do that.  Then I found PRESENT-iT, and it let me do both.  Thanks." John Koppel, 3/00. "Present-iT is a powerful presentation builder that comes with a lot of the features usually expected in much more expensive software" ZD Net Review, 6/00.

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