Registration Code Instructions

When you register your product, you will receive a 6 to 10 digit registration code.  For instructions on entering that code, click on your product below:



pdficon.GIF (191 bytes)Publish-iT PRO Upgrade



Registration codes for our products expire if you do not enter the registration code as soon as you receive it. If you enter your registration code and you get the message "Invalid Registration code" then try the follwing:

  1. Exit the program (Poster, Publish-iT, DrawiT or Present-iT), restart the program, and try entering the registration code again.  Make sure you are entering numeric digits only. If that fails, then:

  2. Check to make sure you have a recent version of the program.  Recent versions of the programs are:
    POSTER: 7.9, Publish-iT: 3.4, DrawiT: 3.2, Present-iT: 1.3.  If you have an old version, download the latest version from this web site.  Then try your code again.    If you do have a recent version, then:

  3. Make sure the date on your system is correct.  To check your date, hold your mouse over the time in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.  The date will appear.   If the date is incorrect, correct it and go back to step 1. 

  4. If you are moving your software to a different computer, or you have had to clear and reload your computer, or you are reinstalling from scratch, then:
    A. If you have the Poster Software CD: reinstall from the CD and use the registration code number on the CD cover. This is a permanent registration code that will always work. Then you can install an upgrade on top of the CD version.
    B. If you do not have the Poster Software CD: email us at and ask us for a new registration code. Include your name and address and when your ordered. If you know your order id, that would be helpful.
    C. You can always purchase the Poster Software CD for only $5.  This will give you a permanent registration code which will always work when you install from the CD: Click Here. Then enter '0' for the quantity of each product in section 1, make sure that 'Ship CD' is selected is selected in section 2, and continue with your order.