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Softseek Editor's Choice: SoftSeek - Poster (32-bit) by Poster Software

ZDNet 5-starZD-Net Shareware Library: ZDNet Software Library - Poster for Windows 95 (5 star rating).

Need to make some super signage? Try Poster for Windows 95, an easy-to-use program that lets you quickly create signs, banners, and posters up to nine square feet in size at 300 dpi (and larger at lower resolutions). Begin the creation process by using a quick-start wizard, a blank page, a multi-column newspaper style, or a pre-made sample. Use the standard drawing-program interface to continuing creating with line, box, circle, and text tools. Add .wmf, .gif, .jpg, or .bmp graphics; apply special effects to your text (such as 3D, arch, warp, and rotate); and use fills and drop shadows on your artwork. Poster supports TrueType and ATM fonts, import of items from the Clipboard, and OLE. Poster has many of the features of more-complicated drawing programs but is simple enough that the casual user should be able to use it with little trouble. You may create up to ten posters with this trial edition. A 16-bit version is also available.

Quality Shareware (4Q rating). Quality Shareware Poster Review.

Poster for Windows 95 lets you quickly and easily create signs, posters and banners. The enlarged graphics and text can then be printed out and taped together; as large as nine feet by nine feet at 300 DPI (dots per inch) is possible - even bigger at lower resolutions.

Features:  The easy to use interface includes a range of features to enhance the appearance of the text and graphics. As well as the now-standard drawing-programme interface, the software has a range of special effects and image tools, and also supports WMF, BMP, JPEG and GIF files. It is obvious that a fair amount of thought has gone into the design of the software; there are extremely useful features such as being able to position text or graphic images with the keyboard as well as the mouse, allowing for extra precision. A particularly impressive fact is that text can still be edited even when it has had special effects applied to it such as 3D effects and rotation. This can be extremely useful. Another notable feature is the general ease of use - there is an excellent quick-start feature, and an extremely detailed and original tutorial.

Technical Bit:  Full 32-BIT software; very low on system resources: On a Cyrix 586 100 MHz processor with 32 MB RAM, the software used up less than 1MB of memory and just over 3.5% of the system resources. As with any graphics software, the amount of RAM has a bearing on the overall speed of the software; as does the number of colours that you are running it in.

Conclusion:   Poster allows the user to very quickly and simply create some quite impressive looking posters and banners. The interface is exceptionally diverse yet simple to use, and the features seem to combine some of the more useful features of graphics and word-processing software. For anyone in need of any sort of poster or banner, this software offers superb value.


Smiley4.gif (2344 bytes) Rocket Download (4 smiley rating).

Poster 6 allows you to create impressive posters, signs, banners, certificates and murals. With the ability to add and create customized text
and graphics, your creations can come in a variety of sizes and be printed up to nine by nine feet. This version of the software makes it the easiest and best to use yet.

In addition to Poster's many new features, its got a spell checker, the ability to smooth and crop pictures and scan content directly into your
creations. You don't need to be a graphics whiz to operate the program. If you know the basics of desktop publishing, the program will be incredibly simple.

The program has a wide assortment of text and graphic capabilities that will give its expensive and overly sophisticated rivals a run for their
money. It comes with over 200 special effects, templates and examples. You'll love its drawing and image tools that let you place and manipulate images. It supports BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF and WMF files, so your creations can include everyone from the family dog to the biggest superstar. Its smooth enlargements, font stretching and special effects make it unparalleled to anything I have seen.

I recommend Poster 6 to anyone wanting to produce signs and banners.

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ZDNet 5-starZD-Net Shareware Library: ZDNet Software Library - DRAWiT

Create illustration, signs, posters, and banners with DrawIt. This well-done 32-bit app (from the developer of the popular Poster program) combines the best features of graphics and desktop publishing packages, along with functions designed specially for big posters and banners. Print your creations on a single page, or enlarge it up to 9x9 feet, tiling over multiple pages. Or, create banners on continuous forms paper. You'll find a full set of drawing tools, complete flexibility in the placement of graphics, quick shapes, and the ability to apply textures and gradient fills. Picture editing features include smoothing, sharpening, blurring, rotation, and color adjustment tools. Import and export pictures and entire drawings in .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .tif, .pcx, .png, .tga, .emf, and .wmf formats. Other features include scanner and OLE support, more than 100 special text effects, and a spelling checker. A tutorial, extensive online help, and several examples and templates are included. Registered Poster users can use DrawIt for free and vice-versa.
Reviewed on Jan 12 1999.



ZDNet 5-starZD-Net Shareware Library: ZDNet Software Library - PRESENT-iT

Present-iT is a powerful presentation builder that comes with a lot of the features usually expected in much more expensive software. You create your presentation using one of the 100 colorful templates for consistent style or you can build your own template using borders, backgrounds, and graphics of your own choosing. Select from slide styles such as title page, one or two column text, bulleted list, or design your own. Scan graphics from any TWAIN-compliant source or draw what you need with the tools on the floating toolbar. You can crop, sharpen, warp, and stretch the graphics for dazzling effects. Use system fonts but add color, shadows, perspective, arches, and slants. View your creation in sequence or 20 slides at a time for editing. There's well-written help, an easy-to-follow tutorial, a spelling  checker, and a couple of sample presentations to get you started.

I downloaded PRESENT-iT several months ago so see what it was like - another super piece of software. Jane Bradshaw. 9/00.


ZDNet 5-starZD-Net Shareware Library: ZDNet Software Library - Publish-iT

Is it really possible to get a quality desktop-publishing program in a file that's under 1MB to download? Yep, and its name is Publish-iT. This lean but still very capable DTP app enables you to create newsletters, brochures, advertisements, and other publications with ease. You can even print pages as large posters up to 5x5 feet. Publish-iT also lets you create master pages to give your publication a consistent, professional look every time; use professionally designed templates; and take advantage of over 100 special text effects. Other impressive features include spell checking, a full assortment of drawing and illustration tools, a complete set of pre-drawn shapes, the ability to import images in many popular formats, and TWAIN support. Before you shell out big bucks for a commercial DTP app such as Microsoft Publisher, you owe it to yourself to take Publish-iT for a 21-day test flight first.
Reviewed by ZD Net in November, 2000.




POSTER SOFTWARE CLIPART CD (from Nova Development).