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postericon.GIF (243 bytes)What's New for POSTER.

7.9m (3/6/04). New features: A new wizard to create Photo Panoramas.
7.9j (10/30/03). New Features: Support for RTF text subscript and superscript. 
    Fixes: Fix for font size of pasted and imported RTF text. Fix for stretch of grouped bitmaps.
7.9f (5/22/03). New Features: new symbol picker. Tables automatically expand when you type. Improved scaling of bitmaps on Win2000 and WinXP.
7.9 (3/23/03). New Features: Adds soft shadows for pictures and objects, 'Vignette' feature for photos, an improved Photo Enlarger wizard (making it easy to set the photo size), printing of matted photos, and an improved print-preview in the print dialog box. Remember the Import directory. Add Upgrade and Contribute commands.
    Fixes: fix abort when doubleclicking on warpped text boxes. Fix for toggle of select when the Draw box is moved.
7.7l (10/3/02). New startup screens.
7.7k (9/26/02). New Features: Scale font size display by printed size.
    Fixes: Fixes an occasional hang when saving an empty or almost empty poster. Fix printing of stretched text when margin is zero.
7.7f (8/11). Fixes: Fix the pie/arc stretch code.
7.7e (7/28). New Features: Improve the ruler: tick lines on bottom. Constant spacing between numbers.
7.7d (7/24). Fixes: Fix resize handles to be a constant size regardless of ppli.
7.7 (7/4/02): New Features: Margins are now displayed on the screen and in print preview.   Improved help for printing banners.
7.6 (5/22/02): New Features: Subscript/superscript/engrave/emboss. Improved error messages on file open/save.
    Fixes: Fixed problems with printing circles.
7.5 (4/1/02). Minor revisions and bug fixes.
7.4 (3/17/02). New Features: Import formatted text (RTF). Improved file open dialogs. Large circles will now always print. New Installer with Uninstall.
7.3g (10/19/01). New Features: Support for wheel mouse. Fixes: Fix problems with large format printer scaling.
7.3c (9/12/01). Improve creating EMF files.
7.3 (9/1/01). Remove limitation of 256 text boxes or table cells. Improve printing of metafiles on Win2K.
7.2a (6/11/01). Improved resize wizard. Additional 3D effects. Fix for banner button.
7.1d (6/3/01). Improve gray soft-shadow. Fix 3D to work with warped text.
7.1c (5/29/01). Improve display of large black&white bitmaps.
7.1b (5/20/01). Deactivate the postscript workaround for Win2K systems (the postscript drivers are fixed).
7.1 (5/15/01). Print posters and banners up to 100x100 feet. True 3D text. Bitmap transparency.   Automatically workaround postscript driver bugs.
7.0 (5/5/01). Print posters and banners up to 100x100 feet. Easily print on large-format printers, or at Kinko's.

publishicon.GIF (277 bytes)What's New for PUBLISH-iT.

3.5 (5/24/07). Enhancements: Version 3.0 of the PDF converter, with new features and support for Microsoft Vista.

3.4 (3/6/04) Enhancements: Smaller 'Save' (.PUI) files.  Improved color picker.

3.3h (2/14/04): Enhancements: Support for business cards, greeting cards, and flexible page sizing.

3.2 (1/1/04): Enhancements: Automatic hyphenation. Ability to specify the default directory for documents (in the View->Options menu).

3.1 (12/16/03): Enhancements: Advanced paragraph formatting, including left and right indent, left, right, center and decimal tab stops with leading fill characters, spacing before and after paragraphs, and spacing between lines).   Autonumbering of lists.  Paragraph styles to preserve and apply formatting. Tips can be individually suppressed.
Fixes: The window position is now saved and restored. 

3.0i (11/9/03). Fixes: Spell-check underlines no longer show up in PDF files. Table backgrounds in PDF files are now always the correct color.
3.0h(11/03/03). Fixes: Table grid lines never print double. The table 'add column' command now works correctly.  Ctrl-C no longer deletes text.
Enhacements: Improved page sorter (view all pages). Support for RTF subscript/superscript. Improved UnDo of text.
3.0c (9/20/03). Fixes: Page numbers and date/time inserts now always work correctly.

3.0 (9/12/03). New features:

   Automatic spell-checking.
    Improved text character spacing. 
    The ability to print long documents in 4-page folios for edge glueing (rather than center stapling).

2.5m (5/20/03). New features: New symbol picker. Improved scaling of bitmaps on Win2000 and WinXP. New examples.
2.5 (4/15/03). New features: Tables now automatically expand with text. 'Guidelines' for alignment of objects. Additional alignment commands.
2.4c (4/4/03) Fixes: fixes erratic cursor movement when typing into an empty text box. Fixes up/down arrow keys.
New Features: Align to Margins command.
2.4 (3/16/03) New Features: Improved New Page dialog. Soft shadow for all objects. Smaller SAVE files. Improved Photo editor adds Vignette and Bevel commands. Merge Publish-iT documents. Upgrade command. Easier page-size changing.
2.3 (11/1/02) Publish-iT PRO with support for generating PDF files.
2.2 (5/22/02). Adds: quick subscript/superscript/emboss/engrave/shadow effects. Makes SAVE more robust and safer. Improved error messages on open/save. Adds a paper size question on startup. (Also fixes import of single quote in RTF files).
2.1c (4/24/02). Adds: the ability to print all odd or even pages (for double-sided printing); the ability to shift the printed image on a page; the ability to turn off page clipping; the ability to save default text box margins. Corrects borders to print at the margin, not at the edge of the page, and corrects margins to not always reset to 0.5.
2.0d (3/17/02). Various minor fixes, including problems with missing spell-check dictionary, continuation processing.
2.0 (02/20/02). Publish-iT 2.0 introduces multi-level undo, improved continuation processing, borders on pictures and clip art, text margins on each text box, wrap margins on each picture, smaller 'save' files, settable page numbers, and a better installer with an uninstall option. This is in addition to import of RTF files, and fancy borders around text and pictures.

1.9 (11/25/01). Import and paste of rich text (RTF). Tri-fold template.
1.8 (11/15/01). Fancy borders around text. New Save dialog box.
1.7b (10/20/01). Support for wheel mouse. Fix for loading certain JPEG files. Set font/size into toolbar
    when selecting a textbox in graphics mode. Allow 1 texture across the page (for fancy paper).
1.7 (10/10/01). Templates.
1.6 (9/23/01). Ability to save as HTML (web pages, text only) and TXT (text).
1.5 (5/26/01). Adds true 3D text, and bitmap transparency.  Also fixes right justify and center justify of text around pictures.
1.4e (4/21/01). Fixes printing in booklet mode when booklets had more than 4 pages.
1.4c (3/2/01). Fixes for: background color on WinNT and Win2000, borders disappearing on Undo,  page number on paste from another running copy of Publish-iT. Change default to no page numbers and no date/time. Improved color picker.
1.4b (2/11/01). Improved word splitter. Improved Find/Replace.
1.4a (1/21/01). Improved continuation processing.
1.4 (12/28/00) Support for booklet printing.  Selection of clip art. Improved continuation processing. Minor bug fixes.
1.3 (10/20/00) New color picker. Lock objects. Improved text continuation. Improved picture editing and directory handling.
1.1 (7/1/00). Multiple master pages. More examples. Fix page number not printing.
1.0 (6/20/00).    Initial Release.

presenticon.GIF (223 bytes)What's New for PRESENT-iT.

1.3 (9/23/00). Improve full screen display and tables. Improve directory handling.
1.2a (7/1/00). Fix page numbers not printing.
1.2 (5/1/00). 100 templates. Options saved between sessions.
1.1 (4/14/00). 70 templates, 2 examples. Set font from toobar.  Support for indent.
1.0   (3/00).    Initial Release.

drawiticon.GIF (197 bytes)What's New for DRAW-IT.

3.2  (6/1/03). Improved photo editor. Improved soft shadow.  Improved display of bitmaps.  Automatic table size.
3.1    (9/1/02). Features: Display page margins.Always display margins in print preview. Add option to display margins on normal display. Add 'Guide Lines' option.   Add Mirror Text menu entry.
3.0c (10/23/01). Features: Support wheel mouse. Fixed textures and bitmaps displayed with shapes.
3.0 (9/12/01). Features: 3D text. Bitmap transparency. Unrestricted size of printed drawing. Improved black&white tif handling.
2.5b (3/2/01) Fix for background color on WinNT and Win2000. Fix for borders disappearing on Undo, and Free-form text warp problems when text ended in the letters w, r, t, or f. Improve text wrap logic.
2.5 (10/24/00). Features: Support for Layers.
2.4 (10/1/00). Features: quick color-picker, variable zoom, the ability to lock objects, free-hand drawing, and applying pictures (bitmaps) to objects.
2.3c (9/30/00). Features: Improved picture editing (negative & gray-scale). Ensure spell check dictionary is always found. Remember open/save directory.
2.3 (9/10/00). Features: Add font selection and size to the tool bar. Minor bug fixes.
2.2b (3/20/00). Eliminate white-space on object saves. Ensure all high-color bitmaps are 24 bit.
2.2 (1/22/00). Set bitmap resolution and size when saving as BMP, GIF, JPG, TIFF, etc.
2.1a (1/7/00). Fix for loading graphics files that have periods in their names.
2.1 (1/1/2000) Free-form text warp.  Over 50 pre-defined text warps. Tables and Grids. Add 'same size' option. Automatically associate text with graphics. Change bitmap flipping so they always print ok. Add slanted-text option when rotating. Easily resize digital photos and scanned images. Add the align command.

2.0g (6/11/99) Allow text attributes to be changed for entire text box when the text box is selected.
2.0e (4/22/99) Fix for saving embedded metafiles.
2.0d (4/15/99). Fixes for copy/paste of objects into the same copy of drawit.
2.0c (1/17/99). Ensures save as works for emf, jpg, gif, tiff, etc. 
2.0   (11/98).    Initial Release.