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Conferen.jpg (12887 bytes)Need to make some super signs? POSTER is the award-winning Windows shareware program for making BIG posters, signs, banners, certificates, and murals, printing them up to 100x100 feet. POSTER combines the best features of graphics, word processing and desktop publishing packages together with special features for printing large posters or banners. All text and graphics are enlarged and printed over multiple pages. 

Inkjet printer owners: POSTER supports most inkjets in banner (continuous forms) mode for both banners and posters.

POSTER is simple enough to create a basic poster in 60 seconds, yet powerful enough to create stunningly beautiful posters and signs in just a few minutes.

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Powerful Text capabilities for eye-catching announcements or complex posters:  employee.JPG (14214 bytes)

Powerful Graphics Capabilities:

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Documentation: Comprehensive on-line help, a tutorial, over 100 templates and examples.

Supported Printers: Supports all windows-compatible black & white and color printers. Supports single-sheet and continuous forms printers, including banners on HP, Lexmark, Canon, and Epson ink-jet printers, and all dot-matrix printers. Supports HP Large-format (design jet) printers. 

System Requirements: Supports all versions of Windows, including Windows 10.  There are no other special system requirements. Mac users: sorry, there is no Mac version.

Shareware: POSTER is the product of full-time, professional software developers. But POSTER is distributed as shareware: you can download it and try it for free, but you are limited to printing 8 posters or banners. POSTER registration costs only $18 and removes the 8 poster/banner limit. You also get support and free upgrades for two years.

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ZDNet 5-starAwards: Poster has received the Ziff-Davis Shareware 5-star rating (the industry's highest rating), the Rocket Download 4-simley rating, the Softseek 'Editor's Pick' rating, and the America Online Desktop Publishing Top Picks rating.  Click here for independent reviews.

Just want to let you know how much fun I am having with your product. Last April our Boy Scout Troop was planning an American Flag Swap (people could bring flags that needed to be retired and could purchase a new flag). We needed to publized this. I tried different poster programs and it made me hate software and printers even more than I do at times. Then I found your program, I downloaded the trial version one two three I had a great poster and it printed out QUICKLY, unlike the other programs. So I was happy.
Then I was blessed with a new office for my business, besides being on a main street with a large front window, it also has a good sized side window that oncoming traffic cannot miss seeing. Since July, I have changed the sign in the window 4 times, the first played on the fact that I am in an area surrounded by antique stores: "Does your body feel like an antique? Come in today for restoration!" The latest announces that Holiday Gift Certificates are available, along with my phone number and web info. You can even see one of the sign at my websight www.GeorgetownMassage.com the picture of the store front, the window on the right in blue --- I change the paper color as I change the message. Months of adds in the local paper could not give me better publicity than I get with my posters! Thanks for making such a great and easy to use product. !
Sue Daigle, Lic. Massage Therapist

POSTER's smooth enlargements, font stretching and special effects make it unparalleled to anything I have seen." Nick Smith, reviewer for Rocket Download.
"I wanted to thank you for a great poster program. I've been making medical posters for hospitals for many years and used a variety of "banner" programs. Most were limited and did not let me customize the way I needed to. Two weeks ago I was in the midst of creating 5 posters, I was thrilled to find your program. It saved tons of time!" Karen Green, 12/99.
"I just want to tell you how great POSTER is. I don't know how the resolution is always so good and consistent, but for what I do, it outdoes Paintshop Pro almost every time... -much appreciation for a great, and fairly-priced product." Rich Williams. 5/01.
"I am a huge fan of your poster software.  as a muralist, I find it the best software on the market." Dawn DeBaugh 03/02.

Support:  POSTER has been continuously marketed and improved since 1994.  You can register with confidence.

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